We use the Australia Post calculating system which works out the best satchel for you.

They come in 500g, 3kg and 5kg in both standard parcel post and Express parcel post.

Here is an example for you....

1 x pack of Invites,1 x Cups, 1 x Plates, 1 x Napkins, 1 x Tablecover = Weighs approx 1.2kg

So your options are a

* 3kg standard satchel $13.70  - various delivery times depending on where you live

* 3kg Expresss Satchel $15.00 - generally next day delivery to most places with the Australia Post Express system

Both of these options also have a tracking number to follow.

Sometimes things will fit in a smaller Express Envelope which the system wont calculate so if we can do it cheaper for you,  we will and we also refund you the difference as well.

Please contact us if your order is small eg. a few balloons or 1 pack of invites. And also if it is big eg. pinatas or large items or large quantities.

We like to be fair for everybody when it comes to the postage..........

[email protected]