Moshi Monsters Plates (8)

Moshi Monsters Plates (8)
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Moshi Monsters have become one of the most popular crazes amongst children, although many parents are still little uncertain as to what exactly it is all about. If your child has been asking for a Moshi Monsters party then here's what you need to know, and what we can offer.

Moshi Monsters are effectively an online game that children can play, all within a safe and protected environment. Children can adopt one of the Moshi Monsters, care for them and look after them by carrying out a series of puzzles or activities. Although it's probably best not to mention it to your child, the idea of these puzzles and games is actually educational. By caring for their Moshi Monsters children are actually learning vocabulary, spatial awareness and numeracy skills.

As well as your child adopting one of the Moshi Monsters, their monster can also adopt a moshling. What's a moshling? A moshling is a pet which your Moshi Monster can look after! One of the appeals of Moshi Monsters is their visual appearance, with a whole range or simplistic and colourful styles which are easy to draw and copy. So with all the popularity of Moshi Monsters it is not surprising that so many children are now looking to have a Moshi Monsters party. Fortunately, we can help.

We have a wide range of Moshi Monsters party products, from Moshi Monsters party invitations to paper cups, napkins, plates, balloons, banners and party bags. From the moment your child gives out their Moshi Monsters party invitations to their friends, there will be a great deal of excitement and anticipation.

Moshi monsters paper plates measuring approximately 23cm. Each pack contains 8 plates featuring a selection of moshi monsters from the popular online game on a blue/green background and the wording 'Moshi monsters'. Disposable perfect for parties.

Moshi Monster Party Game Idea

If your child is having a Moshi party then there are plenty of party products on our site which you can use to help create this theme. But there's also a lot more which can be done, including tying in many of the traditional birthday party games to the whole idea of Moshi Monsters and Moshlings. There are plenty of pictures and images online which you can print out, and so what you can do is have a large picture of a Moshi Monster and then a small Moshling cut out, which blindfolded children have to then try to place as close to the Moshi Monster as possible.