How, When & Why!!

Bubbles and Rainbows was born after seeing the need for an online shop catering to children’s party needs. I realised that many of the shops were pricey and quite often didn’t have everything we needed. And the wasted hours I spent surfing the net to try and find what I needed, was more than frustrating to say the least. I wanted to create  a “one stop shop”.

And if most people were like us, we wanted the best for our child, but on a budget too………… along came Bubbles and Rainbows.

We aim to cater to every child’s fantasy or love of that certain character or theme. If you don’t see it listed that doesn’t mean we can’t help, please ask we will do everything to help you achieve your goal, in making their party special. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions of lines we can stock that would make your life a little easier. [email protected]

For time-strapped parents we offer a wide variety of packages for over all party themes. Our party supplies packages are designed to make things easy & convenient for you, so that you can spend less time shopping and more time enjoying the party. Party kits include partyware, balloons, birthday favors and fun decorations. We also have a great selection of baby shower party supplies, party ideas and party games to help you plan a great shower or party. All at very reasonable prices.  

Bubbles and Rainbows are here to make your life easier.

We also have a sister site of cakes we have made, if you need some inspiration or ideas yourself, feel free to send us pictures of your own party to add to our gallery for others to get inspired.


We hope to see you back celebrating with us for each special occasion.


The Bubbly Team at Bubbles and Rainbows